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SLT publishes 5 Business directories in two cycles to cover the entire island. The Main Business Directory is published to cover the Western Province and four Business Directories are published to cover the other provinces.

SLT National Business Directory ( Western Province )
SLT National Business Directory ( North & East )
SLT National Business Directory ( Southern & Sabaragamuwa )
SLT National Business Directory ( Central & Uva )
SLT National Business Directory ( North Central & North Western )


SLT Business Directory contains Information Pages, Government Pages, Organization Pages, Religious Pages and RAINBOW PAGES - the Classifieds Directory.

SLT - Call Center

The Call Center facility provides easy access to information over the phone. This fast and efficient service is available in all 3 languages, 24 hours a day and is provided by friendly and courteous staff using state – of – the – art technology. The Directory and RAINBOW PAGES information could be shared by SLT clients and other service providers and is the preferred choice of leading mobile operators in Sri Lanka for customer inquiries. SLT customers can obtain this information by dialing 1212. Mobitel, Dialog & Etisalat customers can obtain this information by dialing 444 and HUTCH customers can obtain this information by dialing 4636. Over 13 Million customers can now access RAINBOW PAGES via the Call Center


The CD Directory contains all island information pertaining to Government Institutions, Religious Organizations, Personal Names and RAINBOW PAGES and contains over 1.5million contacts.

The RAINBOW PAGES comprises nearly 20,000 Business Listings spread across 1300 product and service categories (Classifications), making it the most comprehensive and accurate information hub sought by many.

The Information in the CD can be searched according to Name, Organization Name or Classification or even according to the area.

The directory CD is issued to organizations free – of – charge and to Residential Customers on request.


The RAINBOW PAGES web portal ( can be accessed by any person in any part of the world. This comprehensive web site of RAINBOW PAGES is one of the most referred sites in the web for both local & overseas clients and many access this to obtain the information they need. Thus, Directory information and RAINBOW PAGES advertisements are exposed to the whole wide world.


With the dawn of the digital age characterized by hand held devices, RAINBOW PAGES has developed Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) for the convenience of mobile phone users. This will help the mobile phone users numbering over 15 million in Sri Lanka to obtain fast access to a storehouse of valuable information and be an incentive to mobile operators in other countries too. This service is now available to all Mobile Service providers, namely Mobitel, Dialog, Etisalat and Airtell. This could be access via


PEO TV is the latest addition to the SLT family. Thus directory information could be obtained via home TV for the first time in Sri Lanka.